Oranges and Rabbits: A Tangy Treat for Bunnies?

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Can rabbits have oranges?

Juicy, vibrant, and bursting with zest! Oranges, with their unmistakable aroma and tang, are synonymous with sun-kissed mornings. However, when it comes to our furry long-eared friends, are oranges an enthusiastic yes or a cautious no?

Key Takeaways

Certainly, rabbits can eat oranges! Oranges are high in Vitamin C and a perfect hydrating treat for a hot day. They are high in sugar however, so serve them in small quantities and without the peel as that can be hard for your bunny to digest. 

1. Orange Overture: The Citrus Symphony

As we plunge into the mandarin munchies world, oranges reign supreme. But, like every fruit from grapes to nectarines, moderation is the mantra!

2. Orange Nutrition: Peeling Back the Layers

Delve into the juicy goodness that oranges pack:

Nutrient Amount (per 100g)
Calories 43
Total Fat 0.2g
Sodium 0mg
Potassium 181mg
Total Carbs 8.3g
Dietary Fiber 2.4g
Sugars 8.2g
Protein 1g

3. Orange Order: Offering This Zesty Delight to Bunnies

Embracing the orange odyssey:

  1. Do:

    • Fresh & Fragrant: Wash thoroughly and ensure they're pesticide-free.
    • Treat Time: Keep it occasional, ensuring it doesn't replace main meals.
  2. Don't:

    • Peel Puzzle: Refrain from giving the peel; it can be hard to digest.
    • Over-Oranging: Avoid giving in large amounts; too much sugar isn't bunny-approved.

4. The Hay Highway: Why It's a Non-Negotiable

No celery saga or zucchini zoom can detract from this truth:

  • Digestive Dynamo: Hay ensures flawless digestion and keeps gut issues at bay.
  • Chewy Charm: Munching on hay helps in naturally grinding down their ever-growing teeth.
  • Fiber Fix: Dabble in some oaten hay for a twist in their daily fiber.

5. Citrus and Beyond: Fruits That Rabbits Relish

Oranges might have had their spotlight, but what about other fruits?

  • Crunchy Crave: Apples without seeds are a hit!
  • Summer Splash: Dive into the watermelon wonders for a hydrating treat.
  • Berry Burst: While strawberries and blueberries get a thumbs up, always remember the golden word - moderation!


Oranges, the zesty marvels, can indeed become an occasional joy for our rabbits. Yet, the dietary journey extends far beyond just oranges. From the crunchy cabbage to the versatile pumpkin, it's a diverse food-scape. But, amidst this vastness, fresh hay stands tall, reminding us of its unmatched importance. In the quest for rabbit wellness, always prioritize the basics and sprinkle in the treats. 🍊🐰❤️

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