Rabbit Owners Journal

The Chocolate Conundrum: Is It a Bunny-Friendly Treat?

When it comes to spoiling our beloved bunnies, we often wonder if we can share our favorite treats with them. Chocolate, with its rich flavor and comforting aroma, is a favorite for many. But does it have a place in a rabbit's diet? Let’s unwrap the truth behind rabbits and chocolate. 1. Key Takeaway: Chocolate and Rabbits - A Dangerous Mix Absolutely not – rabbits should never eat chocolate. It contains theobromine and caffeine, which are toxic to rabbits. Even in small amounts, chocolate can be lethal to your bunny. Always keep chocolate far away from your furry friends. 2....

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Hay Near Me

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Festive Faux Pas: Is Christmas Pudding Safe for Bunnies?

As the holiday season approaches, festive treats like Christmas pudding become the centerpiece of many celebrations. But, when it comes to sharing these yuletide delights with our furry friends, specifically rabbits, caution is paramount. Let’s unwrap the facts about rabbits and Christmas pudding. 1. Key Takeaway: Christmas Pudding and Rabbits - Not a Merry Mix Christmas pudding is a no-go for rabbits. The ingredients, including dried fruits, sugar, alcohol, and spices, are harmful to their delicate digestive systems. Rabbits require a diet specific to their nutritional needs, which does not include rich, sugary, or processed human foods. 2. The Unsuitability...

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Pine Cone Curiosity: A Bunny's Guide to Forest Snacks

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In the wild world of rabbit diets, pine cones stand as a topic of intrigue. These forest offerings, often scattered beneath evergreen canopies, catch the eye (and nose) of our fluffy companions. But is this natural treat safe for your hoppy friends? Let's burrow into the details. 1. Key Takeaway: Pine Cones and Rabbit Diets Rabbits can chew on pine cones, but there are considerations. They should be clean, free from sap, and given in moderation. While not a nutritional necessity, pine cones can offer enrichment through chewing and mental stimulation. 2. Pine Cones: A Safe Snack or Risky Ration?...

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Veggie Ventures: Exploring the Green Goodies for Horses

Dive into the verdant world of vegetables! While some of us might be a tad picky, our four-legged equine companions often show curiosity towards these crunchy delights. But which greens are horse-approved, and which should stay off the menu? 1. Key Takeaway: The Green Graze for Horses While horses can relish a selection of vegetables, not every green treat suits them. Stick to the horse-approved list, always introduce new foods cautiously, and remember: their primary diet should be of high-quality hay and staple feeds. 2. Veggie Buffet: What's on the Plate for Horses and Ponies Carrots: A universally adored treat....

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