Lucerne hay

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Premium quality Lucerne hay suitable for horses, sheep, goats, alpacas, cattle and produce stores. This hay smells amazing, sweet and fresh. Even fussy horses love our Lucerne hay! 

Hay is made to ensure maximum leaf retention, palatability and softness. Heavy bales weighing minimum 25kgs. Even fussy horses will love this hay as it is not stalky or tough to chew, and contains no mould or mustiness.

Grown on our rich sandy loam river flats under irrigation, paddocks have been regularly sprayed to eliminate weeds and wild grasses. This is 100%  pure Lucerne hay. 

All Lucerne hay is stored inside as soon as baled to ensure it retains its vibrant color, softness and palatability. It is not sun bleached or dried out. 

Our Lucerne hay is perfect for horses needing high amounts of protein and calcium including lactating mares, high performance thoroughbreds, long distance 'enduro' horses, dressage and show jumping horses, really any horse in high work needing to maintain condition. 

Our Lucerne hay is also perfect for cattle and sheep with new calfs or lambs at foot or steers needing fattening. 

Lucerne hay is perfect for restoring a worn out vegetable garden or rose bed due extremely high levels of nitrogen and essential elements - Lucerne hay breaks down in the soil making it more 'friable' (easy to dig) and giving new plants the best start! 

Whatever you use our Lucerne hay is terrific!

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