Oaten hay for rabbits

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Formulated specifically for adult rabbits, our oaten hay is guaranteed to keep your bunnies happy and healthy. Made with fresh, sun-dried grass that is soft, green, and not stalky, this hay has a high palatability that even the pickiest rabbits will enjoy.

The hay is harvested in the early spring when the grass is at its best - green, firm, and free from dust and mice damage. Using premium oaten seed variety Winteroo, known for its quality and taste, our hay is carefully stored to preserve its nutritional value and avoid weather damage.

Packed with leafy goodness, our hay is baled in the morning with the right amount of moisture to maximize palatability, making it the perfect choice for your rabbits. Try our oaten hay and see for yourself why rabbits absolutely love it!

✅ Large 52 Liter boxes (weighing approximately 4-5kgs)
✅ Fast carbon neutral shipping
✅ 100% satisfaction guarantee or money back! 
✅ Professionally and purposely grown
✅ Over 100 years farming experience

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