50 Different Types of Rabbit Breeds

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Breed Traits Suitability as a Pet Fully Grown Size
Mini Rex Velvety fur, Curious Great, friendly & playful 3.5-4.5 lbs
Netherland Dwarf Small, Short ears, Active Good, but can be skittish 2-2.5 lbs
Lionhead Fluffy mane, Playful Excellent, affectionate 2.5-3.5 lbs
Holland Lop Droopy ears, Sweet-natured Great, calm & sociable 2-4 lbs
English Angora Long, fluffy coat, Calm Good, but requires grooming 5-7 lbs
Mini Lop Friendly, Easy-going Excellent, sociable 4.5-6 lbs
Flemish Giant Large size, Gentle Great, but needs space 12-20 lbs
Dutch Distinctive color patterns, Friendly Excellent, playful 3.5-5.5 lbs
Harlequin Unique color patterns, Playful Great, energetic 6.5-9.5 lbs
Polish Small, Compact, Active Good, can be skittish 2.5-3.5 lbs
Belgian Hare Slim, Athletic, Resembles a hare Good, active 6-9 lbs
Checkered Giant Distinct markings, Active Good, needs space 11-16 lbs
Himalayan Short coat, Dark points on ears/nose/feet/tail Excellent, calm 2.5-5 lbs
Hotot White with dark eye ring, Gentle Great, friendly 8-11 lbs
English Spot Spotted coat, Active Good, playful 5-8 lbs
Tan Sleek, shiny coat, Active Good, curious 4-6 lbs
Silver Marten Silver-tipped hairs, Energetic Great, playful 6-9.5 lbs
Rex Velvety coat, Curious Excellent, friendly 7.5-10.5 lbs
Chinchilla Soft, dense coat, Calm Good, docile 5-7 lbs
Thrianta Bright red fur, Friendly Excellent, affectionate 4-6 lbs
Beveren Thick fur, Gentle Great, easy-going 8-12 lbs
Britannia Petite Very small, Active Good, but can be skittish 2-2.5 lbs
American Calm, Good-natured Excellent, gentle 9-12 lbs
American Fuzzy Lop Wooly fur, Curious Great, friendly, requires grooming 3-4 lbs
Satin Shiny, satin-like coat Excellent, friendly 8.5-11 lbs
Creme d'Argent Orange coat with silver ticking Great, calm 8-11 lbs
American Sable Rich sepia coloring Excellent, docile 7-10 lbs
French Angora Long, fluffy coat Good, requires extensive grooming 7.5-10.5 lbs
Giant Angora Very fluffy, Largest of the Angoras Good, requires extensive grooming 9.5-10 lbs
Satin Angora Silky, fluffy coat Good, requires grooming 6.5-9.5 lbs
Jersey Wooly Small, Wooly fur Excellent, docile 1-3.5 lbs
Californian White with dark points, Meat breed Great, friendly 7-10 lbs
Silver Silvery-white hairs interspersed Good, curious 4-7 lbs
Standard Chinchilla Soft, dense coat resembling a chinchilla Great, active 5-7.5 lbs
Giant Chinchilla Large, Soft coat, Meat breed Good, calm 12-16 lbs
Cashmere Lop Long, silky fur Great, requires grooming 4-5.5 lbs
English Lop Extremely long ears, Calm Excellent, gentle 9-12 lbs
French Lop Big, heavy build, Droopy ears Excellent, docile 10-15 lbs
Silver Fox Thick, shiny coat resembling fox fur Great, friendly 9-12 lbs
New Zealand Meat breed, Gentle Excellent, gentle 9-12 lbs
Palomino Golden coat, Meat breed Great, active 8-11 lbs

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