Best Vacuums For Horse Hair and Hay

Best Vacuums For Horse Hair and Hay

Every Horse owner understands the soft, luxurious feel of their pet's coat – and the relentless spread of it throughout the home! Just like with dog or cat owners, horse owners face the same battle against shed hair, especially during molting seasons. But not all vacuums are equipped to handle the unique challenge of horse hair. Whether it's clinging stubbornly to your carpet or floating deceptively in the air, ensuring a fur-free environment is crucial not only for cleanliness but also for the health of household members. Dive into our comprehensive guide as we hop through the best vacuums specifically tailored to tackle horse hair, loose hay and even solid poop ensuring your home remains a pony-loving, fur (and hay and dust!) free haven.

The Deluxe Option

Many people swear by Dyson for their longevity and extreme sucking power, as well as their ergonomic design and premium feel. They have deloped a cult like following with most owners saying once you have one you can’t go back, they are just that good! Owners say that they work just as well after 10 years as they do on day one! If Dyson's are your thing, these options are the best for pet owners, with both a cord and cordless option.

Best value options

Both these options are fantastic even if you don’t have allergies! and come with a range of attachments to help you keep you house tidy!.


The choice of my father in law for many years, Shark pioneered the technology of these rotator vacuums and have been a great choice for many people, as evidenced by their 14,150 reviews with 4.5 starts on Amazon….thats a lot of reviews for a vacuum cleaner! They have many different models but this one has the HEPA sealed pipes to hold in 99.9% of dust and has the ability to detach the hose to reach down the side of the couch or behind the litter box easily (for random hay😆).


Direct competitor to the Shark option above, comes in slightly cheaper. A fantastic option and has the HEPA sealed pipes and box for people with dust allergies as well as the lift off options for flexible cleaning. An alternative if you don’t like the Shark brand or if you get a good deal this will hold you in good stead for many years.

Cheap Old School Option

Although not a fancy ‘HEPA’ certified option, this Shark sweeper may also suit some folks with allergies. Essentially just a fancy broom, some horse owners I’ve spoken to like this option as it gets big bits of hay and litter easily AND no concerns about getting the machine blocked or jammed. As its not actually a vacuum, its far quieter and the charge lasts a long time. Comes in at $50 for a renewed and guaranteed option, so great for those on a budget. 

Industrial strength

This wet/dry shop vac is the ‘big daddy’ vacuum you may need if you have lots of pets (or children) and need wet mess handled as well as dry. It also doubles as a blower with 210MPH wind so you can annoy the crap out of your neighbors blowing leaves too! A great value investment and many people swear by them for inside their house as well, my brother in law loves his ‘shop vac’!

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