Can rabbits eat Teff Hay?

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Can rabbits eat Teff hay?

Teff hay for rabbit.

Picture of a bale of Teff

Yes, rabbits can eat Teff hay! Teff is an ancient grass that originates from Ethiopia that is high in fiber, low in NSC carbohydrates and has long fine strands and a pale green color. It's perfectly safe to feed your rabbit! 

Teff is often recommended as a feed source for horses with laminitis as it (on average) has lower non structural carbohydrates (NSC) i.e. digestible sugar that can make a horse fat. Teff is essentially the 'diet hay' option.

This is not usually a problem for rabbits, however Teff is still a great option for rabbits who may not like Oaten or Timothy hay. Some horse owners report that their nags don't like Teff hay (probably becuase its has little sugar!), so be aware that your rabbit may not immediately take to it.

Nutritional breakdown of Teff hay. 

Protein and energy values are appropriate for a wide range of needs. Good quality teff hay should range between 11-13% protein and 0.9-0.95 Megacalories per pound (DE).

How much Teff can I feed my rabbit? 

Rabbits should have unlimited access to hay through out the day, with 80% of their diet being hay. The remainder should be fresh vegetables and some fruit treats thrown in.FAQ - Can Rabbits Eat Teff Hay?

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