Oaten hay

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Soft, green, not stalky, sun dried with high palatability and suitable for rabbits, horses, sheep, goats, alpacas, guinea pigs, hamsters, cattle and deer. Fussy horses and rabbits love this oaten hay! 

Its the perfect oaten hay for rabbits!

Oaten hay cut early in the spring before the plants have matured and become yellow and stalky. Excellent green color with little to no dustiness and no mice damage.

Oaten hay has been stored inside immediately after baling to ensure preservation of nutritional value and prevent weather damage. This important to ensuring that the hay keeps its nutritional value long into winter.

Oaten hay is baled early in the morning with moisture to ensure maximum leaf retention and to prevent dustiness. This increases palatability, especially to horses and rabbits as well as nutritional value. 

All bales are strong and heavy bales at a minimum of 25KG+. We use machinery to move all our hay and the bales are made robustly to survive the rigors of being moved with high power machinery. 

Your animals will love this premium oaten hay! 

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