Oaten hay for rabbits

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Grown especially for the needs of the adult rabbit our oaten hay will make your buns the happiest in the hutch!

Boxes are 50 liters and weigh approximately four to five kilos. 

Soft, green, not stalky, sun dried with high palatability and grown especially for the needs of adult rabbits. Even fussy rabbits love this oaten hay! 

This oaten hay is cut early in the spring are green and firm (not stalky) - the best for rabbits. Excellent green color with little to no dustiness and no mice damage.

Variety of oaten seed is Winteroo, which is the premium type for hay production and preferred over the grain varieties that are grown for seed (and turned into porridge, muesli, etc) - rabbits love this hay.

Oaten hay has been stored inside immediately after baling to ensure preservation of nutritional value and prevent weather damage.

Oaten hay is baled early in the morning with moisture to ensure maximum leaf retention and to prevent dustiness. This increases palatability, especially to rabbits.

Your rabbits will love this oaten hay!

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