Low Sugar Native grass with Teff hay

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This hay is nice and green, palatable yet lower in sugar than most grass hays making it ideal for horses that need low sugar hay.

This hay is made up largely of wild Teff grass and some native grasses intermixed.

We sowed some Teff seeds a few years ago they keep coming back each spring (unintentionally, we didn't know Teff was perennial!). This was a welcome surprise as Teff seed is very expensive.  

This hay is a perfect fit for folks who need low sugar hay for horses. 

This low sugar hay also includes some wild grasses that have snuck into the field (no 'nasties') making the hay a combination of mainly Teff and native grass, consequently we call this mix native grass hay. Although not grown intentionally at first, it has proven to be very popular with horses who need low sugar hay. 

The native grasses are more palatable than Teff, which often has little taste for horses (kind of like trying to make your kids eat brussel sprouts!), they increase the consumption of the hay without compromising the sugar content. 

The Teff hay has a nice vibrant green color and smells beautifully fresh. 

This low sugar hay was grown on irrigation, is nice and lush and has no rain damage and always sheded. 

Teff hay and low sugar hay are suitable for horses that cannot tolerate high amounts of energy in their diet. The Teff is very low in sugar and acts really as a basic filler for the animal without adding too many kilograms! Teff hay and low sugar hay work particularly well for ponies who are not in a lot of work and can get laminitis at the smell of a bag of chaff! Feed them our low sugar native grass hay and they will keep well without causing you any issues! 

Unfortunately we do not have a test as yet. Clients have reported that it is working well for horses with laminitis, cushings or just a bit tubby! 

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