What hay is best for rabbits?

Oaten hay is best for rabbits aged seven months or older, it provides a great source of fiber to maintain a healthy gut and avoid dental problems. Oat hay should be light green in color and the seed heads soft enough to squeeze open with your fingers.

80% of every rabbit's diet should be oaten hay and fresh grass. A high fibre diet, with some veggies for variety, is the single most important thing in maintaining good dental and intestinal health. Without fibre, the digestive system cannot move food through the gut and your rabbit's teeth could grow painfully long. Rabbits typically devour our oaten hay

Lucerne hay for rabbits?

Lucerne hay, called Alfafla in the USA, is high in fiber, protein and calcium and is good for baby rabbits up to about six months. Once they mature, Lucerne should be avoided as the higher protein will make your bun overweight and the calcium content could cause intestinal problems. 

Grass hay for rabbits? 

Grass hay can be fed to your rabbit however it can be more difficult to understand just exactly what the grass is and can vary from harvest to harvest and store to store. Be careful feeding grass hay as it may contain high protein, high calcium clover or native grasses. Similarly feeding lawn clippings can also be dangerous if introduced suddenly. Always introduce new grasses gradually to ensure your bunny's tummy can handle it. Typically feeding oaten hay from a reputable source will provide a more nutritionally consistent base for your rabbit. Lawn clippings can be a treat on top! 

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