What is the Best Hay for Rabbits in Australia?

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When it comes to providing the best nutrition for your bunnies, hay plays a crucial role in their diet. In Australia, there are several excellent hay options that can keep your furry friends healthy and happy.


1. Oaten Hay

Oaten hay is super popular choice for rabbits in Australia. It has a good balance of fiber and nutrients, promoting optimal gut health and preventing digestive issues. Oaten hay grows well in Australia and is typically available all year round. Checkout our Oaten Hay rabbit boxes. How to find good oaten hay:


  • The strands of hay should not be dusty or brittle, look for long soft stalks of hay. 
  • Color of the hay should be green to light yellow. Your hay shouldn't look like straw. 
  • There should be no hard seed heads in the hay, it should have 'unset' seed heads that are still soft when squeezed. 
Oaten hay for rabbits.

Green oaten hay. 

2. Lucerne Hay

Lucerne hay is highly nutritious and rich in protein, making it a great choice for baby bunnies. It promotes good digestion and helps maintain dental health. It has a high calcium and protein content and is perfect for baby rabbits under about 7 months old, after which its best to be fed sparingly as a treat. Checkout our Lucerne hay Rabbit And Guinea Pig boxes!


Bales of Lucerne hay.

Bales of leafy Lucerne hay. Lucerne plants look similar to clover.


Timothy Hay

Timothy hay is widely recommended in the USA for rabbits due to its high fiber content. It aids in proper digestion, prevents hairball formation, and supports dental wear. It typically is not grown in Australia, so is only available by expensive imported products. Here at Central Victoria Hay we are hoping to grow Timothy in the near future, sign up at the bottom of this page for updates on when its ready!



4. Teff Hay

Teff hay is an ancient grain that comes from Ethiopia. It has recently came back into fashion as a grain suitable for the Paleo diet. In the animal world it is popular with horse owners who have ponies susceptible to laminitis and need a low sugar hay. Teff is essentially a 'diet' hay option for 'easy keeper' ponies, it is also suitable for rabbits that need an alternative to Oaten or Timothy. It may suit bunnies or owners who have allergies to other types of hay as Teff is classified as hypoallergenic. 


Teff hay for rabbits.

Teff has fine strands and is low in digestable sugar.

5. Straw: Straw is not suitable as a feed for rabbits, although they can chew on it and forage amongst it, they will not get any serious nutritional value from it. Some bunnie owners use straw as bedding, however its only recommended as its not very absorbant and your rabbit will just end up making a mess with it. 


Remember, hay should be the primary component of a rabbit's diet, and it should be available to them at all times. It's important to choose high-quality hay from reputable sources to ensure its freshness and nutritional value.


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Provide your rabbits with the best hay available, and watch them thrive with good health and vitality!

Note: Always consult with a veterinarian for personalized advice regarding your rabbit's dietary needs.

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